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Rules & Regulations

Competitor must be a Hawaii resident. By entering this event, the competitor declares that he/she is a Hawaii resident. Competitor may be asked to provide proof of residency and if unable to do so, competitor entry will be denied.

Please do not enter a division if you are under or over the age stated on June 4, 2022, failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.

Entry Rules

Contest is limited to the first 390 competitors to register and submit payment. Must be a Hawaii resident. Non refundable $30 entry fee.

Registration is available at Register for T&C Surf Grom Contest 2022.

Competitors are limited to ONE SINGLE division only. Our goal is to allow as many kids as possible the chance to experience the opportunity to compete.

No refunds will be issued if you decide to rescind your entry. No exceptions.

Children who have participated in NSSA or HASA or any other organized competitive surfing branch are strictly PROHIBITED from participating in ANY division. It does not matter if your child has participated only once, or a few years back in a competitive surfing event, they are forbidden to enter the T&C Surf Grom Contest in ANY capacity. If your child has participated competitively as a shortboarder, your child is ineligible to enter the contest as a longboarder or bodyboarder. Again, they are forbidden to enter the T&C Surf Grom Contest in ANY capacity.

Competitor's division will be determined by their age as of June 4, 2022. Thus, for example you want to enter your child in the shortboard division and they are 8 years old right now, but turn 9 before or on the 4th of June, you will need to enter your child into the 9 to 10-year-old division. Competitors must compete within their age division determined by their age on the day of the contest. Surfing up or down a age division is prohibited.

Wave Assist: Parental assist will not be permitted for any division except the Kokua division which will be held inside at Baby Queen's.

Judges: Each wave reviewed and judged on a point system based on HASA judging criteria. Your combined judges scores will be your final score.

Judging Criteria: Judging will be focused on the HASA criteria for high performance surfing and focused on major maneuvers with combinations and variety in the most critical sections of the waves submitted. Barrels will be considered but need to be combined with major scoring maneuvers to reach top scoring potential.

The results of the grom contest will be published online after the completion of the contest.

Goodie Bags: All competitors will receive a goodie bag and lunch from Duke's Waikiki only on their first day of competing. If you recind your entry or withdraw from the contest, you will not receive a goodie bag or a refund.

Prizes: Top six competitors in each division will win medals and prize packs. All kokua competitors will receive a medal.

Thanks to the T&C Grom Contest sponsors: Duke's Waikiki, FreeSurf Magazine, Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, Dakine, RVCA, Vertra and Vans.

Questions: Email enquiries@tcsurf.com

Disclaimer: Per CDC/WHO/Local, State, and National Guidelines T&C Surf reserves the right to cancel the Grom Contest if deemed unsafe for its competitors based on safety, rules, and regulations.

Contestants authorize in advance and without any restriction or reserve T&C Surf to use free of rights their names, their images and their photos for a commercial, editorial or a public relation purpose, without conferring to them any payment, right or advantage for any title. The present assignment of rights is granted worldwide and for a unlimited usage following the grom contest.

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