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Can my child surf in more than one division?

Competitors are limited to ONE division only. Our goal is to allow as many kids as possible the chance to experience the opportunity to compete.

If my child has participated in a competitive surfing event like HASA, can I enter my child in the grom contest?

The general rule of thumb is children who have participated in NSSA or HASA or any other organized competitive surfing branch are strictly prohibited from participating in ANY division. It does not matter if your child has particiapted only once, or a few years back in a competitive surfing event, they are forbidden to enter the T&C Surf Grom Contest in ANY capacity. If you child has participated competitively as a shortboarder, your child is ineligible to enter the contest as a longboarder or bodyboarder. Again, they are forbidden to enter the T&C Surf Grom Conest in ANY capacity.

How will I know what age division to put my child in?

Your child's division will be determined by their age as of June 2, 2018. So if, for example you want to enter your child in the shortboard division and they are 8 years old right now, but turn 9 before or on the 2nd of June, you will need to enter your child into 9-10 year old division.

What is the difference between entry fee and beach entry fee? Do I have to pay both fees?

No, you don't have to pay both fees. The contest entry fee is only $30 if you submit your entry before the postmarked deadline. If you decide to enter after the deadline, space permitting, you must enter at enter at the beach on the day of the contest and pay a beach entry fee of $60.

Is there anyway I can enter and pay by credit card online?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept entries online as we need to track all entries and when they were received in order to slot the contestants in on a first come first serve basis. Because some divisions get more entries than others it is very tricky to not over extend the number of entries we are able to accomodate for the event. All entries must be paid by check, cashiers check or money order by mail or in cash by person at the main office.

Can my child be waitlisted even though I sent it in before the deadline?

Entry blank deadline is just a guideline. We strongly suggest mailing in your entry with payment as soon as possible. Divisions are often full prior to the entry blank deadline. If a division is full, the entrant will be waitlisted. If waistlisted child does not make it into the event, the entrant will be refunded after the contest. All entries will be slotted in the order they are received i.e. postmark date.

If my child be waitlisted, what do I do?

If your child is waitlisted, it means that they are on stand by for the heat that was submitted on the entry form. Plesae check the heat sheets on line posted a few days before the contest. Check to see when that division is slated to compete. You should then show up at the event prior to the division you are waitlisted for is competting. If there is a no show for the heat being called, the Beach Marshall will then replace the competitor with the entrant who is on the waitlist in the order that they are waitlisted.

If my child be waitlisted, does he/she get anything?

If your child is waitlisted, they are not eligible for a goodie bag or complimentary lunch or beverages. If your child makes it off of the waitlist and into the contest, then your child will become eligbile for a goodie bag, lunch and beverages.

Will I get a refund if I decide to pull my child out of the contest?

As per our rules, no refunds will be issued if you decide to pull out. No exceptions. Only entrants who were waitlisted and did not make it in to the contest will be refunded.

Why can't more heats be added if the division is full?

We can only run so many heats per day that fall within the hours allocated on the permit for the event. Adding additional heats extending beyond the allocated permitted time frame is not allowed.

What time do I need to have my child be at the contest?

Please arrive at the beach at least one hour before your scheduled heat time. First heat of each days check in is at 7:45am for 8:00am start. Please check in when your name is called. You will then proceed to the head judge’s tent for your jersey color. Heat sheets are subject to change, so please arrive early. If you are not scheduled to compete on the first day of the contest, you do not need to be present at the event.

Why is it important to re-check the heat sheets schedule right before the event?

The safety of the groms is our number one priority, thus, we need to have the flexibility to update the heat schedule if surf conditions should change. A tentative schedule of all divisions will be on-line a few days before the contest. This schedule is subject to change and may be updated a few times prior to the contest, so please check back. This will be tentative and after assessing the surf conditions each morning of competition, we decide if we need to alter heats for the safety of the competitors.

How are the heats structured?

A heat consist of 6 competitors in a pre-determined competition zone. Participants have 15 minutes to catch the best waves possible. All heats will begin and end with one blast of the horn. The top 3 will advance with the exception of kokua division, where there is only one heat per competitor.

How will my child know what to expect during his heat?

The Beach Marshall will review the contest rules before each heat enters the water at the check-in area. Surf conditions may change throughout the day, so listen each time the Beach Marshall gives his explanation.

How do I know if my child is safe out in the water?

A certified lifeguard will be present in the line up for the safety of all participants at all times.

Am I able to coach or offer support to my child in the line-up or from the channel?

Absolutely NO PARENTAL ASSISTANCE IS ALLOWED in the line-up with the exception of the Kokua Division. Parents coaching or offering any form of support in the line-up or channel will be grounds for your child disqualification.

What happens after my child finishes surfing their heat?

Return your jersey back on the beach to the head judges tent. If it is your first heat, pick your contest goody bag after your heat is done. Results will be posted approximately 15 minutes after the end of each heat. If you entered the Kokua division, there is only one heat with no advancement, since everyone is a winner in this division. There will be a separate Kokua awards ceremony once all Kokua heats have been completed.

Do I need to be at the contest with my child?

All children need to be accompanied while at the event and adult supervision is the parent/guardians responsibility.

Where should I park?

Parking can be a challenge especially in Waikiki. We recommend the zoo parking, parking stalls around Kapiolani Park, and and along the Ala Wai Canal. Other options are hotel parking where the fees range for each hotel. Here is a parking guide that may help:

Waikiki parking guide with rates.

Be mindful

Please keep the beach clean. The only thing to leave behind are your footprints.

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